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Traditional music is one of our key studied genres here at Rockwell College Music Academy. We think it is very important to keep the Irish traditional music culture alive. Every week, we run an advanced traditional music ensemble which encourages students to showcase their traditional musicianship and prepare them for performances and also competition and exam opportunities throughout the year e.g Christmas, Siansa, Cara Exam.

The ensemble is currently working towards Siansa, a Gael Linn run performance competition. The students themselves have a direct influence on what the repertoire will be and how it will be arranged, under the guidance of their teachers. Because the students are of a high standard, this allows them to have creative influence in their own performance, expand their repertoire and fosters strong team-work.

Other plans for the year are to enter for Cara Exam, which is run by RIAM. Cara blends both ensemble and individual performances as well as musicianship skills. The group will also develop a repertoire of different tune types common to all of the students.

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