Cara Award Programme (Junior School)


Cara Exam, which is run by RIAM. Cara blends both ensemble and individual performances as well as musicianship skills.



From January 2018 we are delighted to be introducing the Cara Programme, a pre-instrumental music learning programme for Primary School children (Junior Infants to 2 nd class).

Based on the Royal Irish Academy of Music Cara Award Syllabus, the Cara Programme at
Rockwell College Music Academy provides a fun learning environment through songs, musical games and activities. During a weekly 45 minute class children will:

– Learn the basic concepts of rhythm and pitch
– Be introduced to musical terms and concepts
– Enhance listening and aural skills
– Learn voice projection and basic vocal techniques
– Gain confidence singing in a group and solo singing
– Be provided with a solid foundation for further music tuition and appreciation.

The Cara Programme acts as a bridge between music play experienced during early childhood
and the more formal musical experiences of later childhood years. At the end of the academic
year children will have the opportunity to sit an informal group exam, examined by a representative from the Royal Irish Academy of Music, and they will receive the Royal Irish Academy of Music Singing Cara Award.


For more information on class times or to register your child/ren please contact 062-64187.